Thursday, December 12, 2013

Good Canine Citizen Luna

After taking Claire and Nobu successfully through their paces, Dodo-sensei sets out with Luna on her debut training session. She's got used to sitting next to Nobu and Claire for treats, and has to wait at the doorstep for me to wipe paws before entering the house, and on walks she'll heel for "Car coming, heel", so she's mighty good for a first go. Proud of her!

You can really see little Chiaro di Luna's brain working hard to figure out what is required and comply, a really focused face as she sits to attention.
Luna enjoying the praise as she does really well. After a while waiting with Nobu and Claire and chatting to a neighborhood acquaintance walking in the afternoon sun with her blind ten-year-old Akita, it was my turn to go through reels of  "Heel, sit", "Heel-down" and "Sit-wait" "Up", followed by a final "here" session with a long lead. Luna was just wonderful, even managed "down" for the first time.

Nobu doing his look how well I'm sitting up, now you're going to give me a treat, right, see, it's all about the power of trust and love face.

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