Thursday, December 26, 2013

Setter Colors

I've been thinking about the way to describle my babies' colors, Claire is unquestionably Blue Belton, and now I think Luna is Lemon Belton, and Nobu is Blue Roan...whatever, each sweetie is so unbelievably beautiful...mmm, grateful daily for their presence. Luna has just started her period on Christmas Eve odd, which means in 10 days or so she'll be in heat for the New Year, so no dog runs or else she'll have to stay at home. We weren't planning to go on any overnight trips anyway for the festive season, it'll just be local walks and caring for Granma over the New Year as usual...Nobu needs to have his shots, maybe tomorrow...then the vet can take a look at Luna again too and see how she's coming on. Not finding much on the net about setters in heat, (in season), so far Luna is much the same as ever. There's some blood on the bedsheets where she cuddles up with me, so I've taken the opportunity to change the sheets, that's par for the course when you're like, what's new? I didn't notice her getting PMT, that's for sure, she's always sweet and cuddly and hooked on scavenging in the kitchen :P

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