Monday, December 16, 2013

Salty Swim

A perfect sunny day, not to be wasted, so off we went to Umi no Koen, literally Sea Park. After a romp in the two dogruns to blow off steam - and here is Nobu inviting me to play - we head for the beach....
Nobu doesn't like to get more than his feet wet, although he's happy to splash in the shallows...I'm proud to say he did swim for the first time this September when I went in together with him in my swimsuit, but he always stayed between me and the shore, so I had wade out quite far to get him actually swimming.
Taking turns, veteran Claire just loves to swim, trots in without any hesitation and swims like a fish, or, since she's such a lady, maybe I should say like a mermaid, in her element...
Meanwhile Luna refused, standing at the edge of the wet sand and not the least bit interested, so I took off my shoes and socks and rolled up my spats to try and coax her in...pretty cold, but not unbearable...after a little encouragement, she kind of heaved a sigh. oh very well, and then suddenly off she was swimming like a veteran, I was so surprised :) I guess she judged it too cold and late in the year for such trivial pursuits.

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