Monday, September 7, 2015


"I'm thinking I could have a go walking the dogs too, Granma, what do you think?"
"Well sure, sweetie, I recommend Nobunaga, he loves kids."
 "Holding the leash with two hands so it doesn't trail on the ground, right? Playing the slack...piece of cake. Off we go, Nobu!"
 "We'll let him think he's in charge, right? Okay, then, I can do's only as far as the corner park, anyway, right, no cats around, huh?"

 Cheered on by the setter audience, Cato prepares for the Olympics...
 Back at home, busy painting for a wee bit, inbetween feeding the Japanese fire newts, collecting marbles in a wire basket, picking out shiny beads, dunking gundam erasers in the wicker dustbin, hoovering up dog hairs, cleaning Luna's ears and playing a fruit picking color dice game. "I say, any food involved?" asks Luna, hovering  around...Never a dull moment.

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