Thursday, September 3, 2015

Playing with Pittie Candy

Had the great fortune to meet a cutie one-year old pittbull, Candy, in the dogrun. Quite unusual to see the breed in Japan, she was such a friendly doggie, and so were her owners. I always enjoy seeing pictures from friends in the US working in pitbull rescue, it felt like I was almost meeting them for real and sharing in the warm loving of these beautiful dogs.
 It appears not all dog runs are pitbull friendly, which is a shame. I am against breed specific legislation: it's all about the dog and their owner, not the breed. After horsing around playing with Nobunaga, he got quite hot and gave up...just too late for me to get any decent pictures of their lovely friendly gambolling.
Lady Claire rarely condescends to play, but Chiaro di Luna was quite happy to meet and play with Candy, they got on really well.
Hither and thither, making a great team, they were off exploring odd corners up and down the run.
All in all a lot of fun, making new friends before a setter splash in the sea and home before the rain sets in...smiles of satisfaction all round.

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