Saturday, August 29, 2015

Tribute to Dog Trainer Dodo

I learned of his passing from another doggie friend. Dodo-sensei was an excellent trainer, who worked with me weekly in the local park, not always the same park in order to keep the dogs on their toes. He taught me how to walk heel with the dogs, communicate clearly and calmly with the dogs with verbal and hand signals, how to bond, particularly with Claire, who was used to a different type of work situation commands with her previous owner. 

 I learned how to call them to me, how to offer positive reinforcement and treats, make, sit, stay, wait, down, basic good canine citizen training, always with a gentle shy smile but a strong grounded intensity and clarity the dogs loved.
 Nobunaga particularly loved Dodo sensei, and I think it was mutual.Early August, he had been pulling on the leash, aiming for paths to Sensei's house, maybe he sensed it was a last chance to say goodbye. I am sad I've missed that chance to go and see Dodo-sensei again to thank him for all the wonderful hours he spent with me and the dogs, and all the important wisdom he imparted.
 He was not only a fantastic trainer, he also helped look after the dogs when I was busy. I felt very safe leaving them with him, he always walked them in the local park they knew, able to meet and greet the usual doggie friends and smell the familiar scents, and by the smiles on their faces in the courtesy shots he took of them, they were happy with him too.  Unfortunately with three, financially it became rather a luxury to ask him to take the dogs, so I would just meet him casually for a chat in the park as he walked the dogs he was doggie-sitting. 

He sent me a wonderful message on his message board, after I posted a picture of him training Luna. His words and spirit live on in the happy smiles of my sweet setters. Rest in peace, Dodo sensei, you are sorely missed.


このたびはClaireちゃん、信長ちゃんに続き、LunaちゃんのTraining Chanceをいただきありがとうございます。



レナータさんのブログ「Gundog Resucue  Claire」を拝見すると新しくFamiliyに加わったLunaちゃんがどれだけ大切にされているかがわかります。


レナータさんは真の「Dog Lover」ですね。いや犬だけでなく「Human Lover」だと思います。


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