Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Ooka River

What with pain meds and antibiotics, I haven't had a very adventurous summer at all, so I thought we'd go somewhere new locally. The Ooka River is famous for cherry blossom, but in summer there's not much happening, so it's great for a wee swim. The wizened fishermen didn't seem to think so though, they wanted the river for themselves...I jumped right in too and waded around in my running shoes, up to my thighs in water with the dogs swimming around me.  I didn't get many pics, just these two, as I was afraid of losing my footing at a random tug from one of the dogs and landing splosh, mobile camera and all bottoms up in the river.
On the way home the vegetable store was opening up and I happened to see the owner throw out a melon rind with a good 1.5 cm of red fruit left on, so I begged it for the babies, split it into three and the dogs ate it, rind and all with great gusto as the store owner and kid (grandkid?) looked quizzically at the scene.

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