Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Escape Artist

Unexpected guest yesterday, found wandering along the road all by himself...fortunately with a collar and friendly, so I unclipped it to read the phone number on his tags and made a phone call to his parents.
 Luna was disgusted, and protested strongly: intact male in the house, get off me you buffoon, she snapped, don't you dare come near me. Once I realized he was indeed quite a pushy male trying to mount her, I put her in her cage for her safety. Her rejection didn't put the little tyke off one bit, he enjoyed cheerily exploring the house and engaged happily with Nobu, who was delighted at the newcomer and didn't mind the mounting games.
After a bit of a wild romp they were both happy and in no time his young master came to pick him up...without a leash!
 It seems he has a habit of escaping through their open front door, which I find quite irresponsible: if you're going to let your dog escape regularly you put your dog in danger of being run over or making other dogs pregnant, so I would at least have him neutered and have his shots up to date (the rabies tag was two years out of date). Didn't look like he was brushed much either, I bet they don't walk him enough, underestimating that fearsome JRT energy. Happy go lucky dog, happy go lucky family...I do hope they return the leash I lent them to walk him home.
Photos by Lelantos

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