Friday, August 21, 2015

Seeking Enlightenment

Dropped by Shoukoku Temple (勝国寺)in Maita on a morning walk rather off my beaten track, although I've been there with Claire once before. The temple has the most amazing ancient yellow gingko trees in autumn...not quite that far on in the season yet.
 The temple gardener didn't kick me out but I'm not sure if, busy about his ways, he just didn't notice I was there with the dogs. The temple does offer graves for pets, though, so they may be setter friendly. I guess the dogs felt the calm, they were nice and quiet, well-behaved, just drinking in the wisdom.
 Claire as usual has things sussed...
 Nobunaga always takes advantage of a pause in the action to lay down, much like the sleeping statue...taking things in his stride...
 Chiaro di Luna shows great appreciation for art...the meaning of life...
...the ancient wisdom of the Orient.

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