Saturday, August 22, 2015

Vulpini et Canis Lupus

There's this special wee gated park near Maita station (Yokohama Subway) which only opens after 8am and closes at 6pm in summer, 5pm in winter, which is not really convenient dog walkie time: normally I aim to be back for breakfast at seven, particularly if I need to go out during the day, and in the evening a shorter walkie is easier, what with supper preparations.
 Fortunately the summer sun's intensity has let up a little and it's no longer necessary to get up at the crack of dawn to catch the cool tarmac. Makes the park a fun change of destination in our general palette of local walkies, a long day walk to explore the neighborhood.
 Whoever the artist is, they did a fantastic job, and you can really see the family resemblance in the Canidae family as the dogs and foxes blend naturally in a pack.
 The only way to get the dogs to stand around in such a tempting location (there's a wee stream, cicadas for Claire to catch, a fenced off hill of woodland beckons) is to have delicious treats to bribe them with...haven't practiced sit/stay in a while...

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