Thursday, August 13, 2015

About Time

I watched a very cute film I totally recommend, called "About Time", the message basically being that you have to savor every moment for its own beauty. This simple idea, if implemented, could help save our planet (and of course ourselves, as part and parcel of the plant). Just a walk in the park,  5.2km,  and the chance to savor every one of those 7474 steps. Then the hour in the shower, cool water and lathering up the dogs, loving every sinewy curve and whipped shampoo wisps of hair, the afterwards. Simple and sweet. 
 Claire had a ball after the rain, hither and thither and a wee swim in the pond...
 Nobu and Luna were just tagging along, Nobu waiting for his chance to mudbath too.
 The clouds hung low and the rain has cooled the air, so it was really pleasant on the skin. 
And of course, great paddling in the stream to recover from the summer heat somewhat. 
 Once he's in, Nobu takes his time about coming out again, so I fed the girls some tidbits while we waited.
  Claire still caught a whiff of something exciting in the bulrushes though.
About time to go home then, and lather up, followed by a simple lunch of French bread and sesame-sauteed bitter melon (goya) with Okinawa sea salt. And now, to nap the early afternoon away...the dog days of summer.

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