Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Calming Nerves

Sometimes I wake up at night with feelings of anxiety, not enough time, so much planned, and when the day starts the clock ticks by so fast and I dither, and only so much gets done. I guess this is a time to learn to prioritize and say no...and yet, so many cherished family and inspiring friends I want to spend more time with, so many beautiful kimonos to wear, places to go, things to learn and see and do.

...and in the end, I just go for a long walkies with the dogs. These one and a half hour walks round the big park, drinking in the energy from the wild wooded hillside, stopping to taste the air, scents of spring and blossom, to watch the birds, the flowers, the colors...it's nothing much to speak of, and yet, it is everything. 

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