Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Trailing Plum Blossom

Tis the season of blossoms, and on the way home from our two hour walk in the park I was fortunate to pop in the local temple for some pictures. Kongoin Temple own two Korean white dogs who bark loudly at us intruders, but we were all so happy to be posing for a snapshot under the exquisite pink plum, we didn't mind.
The sun is warm and my brain is a fuzzy warm glow. So many faithful friends have been crossing the rainbow bridge lately, I feel every moment with my wee setters is precious...rather than gallivanting off far afield, a morning brushing the babies, noting Claire's warm presence as I go about my chores, and just walking locally is enough of a blessing.
 Fortunately I'm carrying little fish treats to make posing for pictures hard to edit and leave out some pictures, I'm in love with them all, each wispy hair of setter fur blowing in the breeze a delight.
On another note, so many people post and share things that they find interesting or inspirational, without adding any extra content or even explaining why it touched them so much...I think expressing new ways you see beauty and meaning in life is singing praise to the Goddess and giving thanks. The word Lord nowadays is quite inaccessible in our democratic way of thinking, we don't have patterns of serfdom and fiefdom, so thanking the Lord may not have such deep repercussions in our psyche as it may have had in past eras. So who to thank now? Sing to her, make music, talk of all her wondrous works! 

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