Thursday, February 18, 2016


 This is Pat, a cuddly wubsy lab, who is as warm-hearted and sweet as her Mum, who I've been meeting and greeting out on walks over the years. She's helped me with my grief over Chiaro di Luna, spontaneously giving me a big warm hug and sharing the tears.
 I don't always carry the camera, but today I did, and I was hoping to get a threesome but Pat's mum was too she gets her own spot in the blog. Nobunaga enjoyed a wee romp chasing her, but he got a bit overexcited barking wildly with the chase and we had to step in and calm things down before Pat got scared. Watching carefully to be able to step in at any moment, so no pics of the romp. Just look at those adorable lab eyes, so happy with her big stick!

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