Thursday, March 17, 2016

Claire's Seaside Splash

Perfect weather for a splash on the beach...first really warm get out and enjoy day this year...all systems go!
Starting off with a wee run in the dog run to let off steam, or I'd be dragged off my feet in the rush to get to the water's edge, yabadabadoo! Hey Mummy, we've done both dog runs and the green belt now can we please please go to the beach?
Claire makes a beeline for the water and enjoys a wee swim for starters...
A wee dip in the ocean, weighed down by all the seaweed on the long leash...and then off along the shoreline, Mummy barely keeping up, weaving in and out, in to catch the floating terns, up the beach to chase the hawks, and back round for the seagulls...not a chance to snap photos in the mad rush to run with a setter on the go! Focus on Nobu tomorrow...

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