Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Toy Boy

Spring break and watching over the kids playing in the playground, Nobunaga is the centre of attention. Can we take them for a walk? Pleeeeease? And off Claire trots, with three or so kids in tow running after her, followed by Nobu with a group of three or so squealing should have seen him bounding back happily to my side after a while...and I get to sit happily drinking in the sunshine. 
The ability of these setters to be gentle and grounded with children is pretty amazing...I'm so proud of them, as the humans excitedly squeal and fuss, Nobu just rolls over on his back and offers his tummy...
Now then, next on the list is a session in the kitchen painting to make the holiday experience complete...I did want to teach some first stages of knitting, but not sure if it's going to happen this time or next time...
And the sunshine beckons, and the spring bursts out of every pore, and kids and dogs are greeting a new cycle of life with a dynamic but inclusive is good!

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