Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Gentle Giants

Spring break and the wains are around to be played with and inspired by. I couldn't bear to part with this Licca dress made from a cotton yukata fabric scrap, so I made two others, one with white lace and a navy blue ribbon, another cotton print with small red rosebuds and pale blue ribbons as per requested....
 As both kids get older and more assertive, it's okay for me to let them take one dog each, switching according to energy levels: first Claire was dashing ahead with the gungho energy of the wee one while the ladies followed on with Nobu. When he burned out a bit, we swopped, Claire responding to the firmer female touch, and Nobu wandering along gently behind with the wee one...
 Such clever responsive dogs, such clever responsive children, what a treat for a granma to behold. Good job, Mummy!

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