Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dogfood doldrums

This is a windy morning for training, so I wrapped the dogs up well against the cold. Been so busy and still more to go until I have things wrapped up, but finally got to the dogrun today to let off steam.
Just run out of Ziwi Peak dogfood: suits the dogs very well, but unfortunately after initial trial prices it is now double the New Zealand retail price, and double the price for almost any other decent imported dogfood, so I am looking for an alternative to mix with Fish4dogs (also a luxury priced food, but still cheaper than Ziwi Peak). A very kind lady at the dogrun told me to keep looking and said Natural Balance, and Nutro Supremo work well for her big dogs. I ordered some and 3kg of something called EVO, to give alternatives a try. I recently heard that IamS is doing animal testing on their products under terrible circumstances, so I'd like to get away from their lamb rice food which I have also been using from time to time. Let's hope I find something to keep the babies healthy and happy within a reasonable price bracket, with summer coming up there's heartworm medication and rabies shots along with the usual vaccines...

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