Friday, January 24, 2014

Winter sunshine

 No snow here yet, fortunately, today was a perfect warm day in the dog run, where I was too exhausted from the end-of-term stuff to get inspiring pictures, just warm sunshine smiles.
 Claire always manages to look perfect whatever she does. Luna had a go at the athletic hurdles for the first time, not so keen on the tunnel but enjoyed jumping once she got the hang of it, and walked across the beam when fed with a constant supply of treats so she didn't realize what was happening and get scared. Claire is great at everything, the only thing I haven't tried on her is the see-saw, I personally don't like the bone-jolting thump when the balance tilts.
 Nobu had a great time playing with a husky friend which is why he's all smiles.
 Warm enough to merit a dip in the stream for a quick drink.
Happily snoozing on the back seat on the way home, Luna on the floor!

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