Friday, January 17, 2014

Oh precious day!

 I read a friend's FB story about how her golden retriever was eating deerhorn, and I thought, wow, that's a new one on me, and so today on my way home I bought three...
 The girls love getting into it, chewing away happily, but Nobu gives up almost immediately, he's too laid back and mellow for such a long term job...although he's quite happy to have me hold it for him.
 And for the first time in Costco I glanced over the meat counters, and was most surprised to see Australian lamb at 90yen/100grammes, so why not? I thought, and bought it. Into the pot with some konbu, vaguely chopped up daikon, carrots, some chinese cabbage and a couple of brussel sprouts, boiled for a bit and voila, my home made dogfood- once it cooled, each dog got a cupful of Fish4dogs in the mix, and Claire was waiting in her house before I even finished mixing, Nobu felt he had to sit up real straight for this treat, and Luna was yowling and cavorting with glee, finally eating before the bowl hit the floor, she was so happy. It's great to not have to worry about the seasoning. I have three more portions of lamb left, so I think I'll be doing this again soon :)

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