Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Ange Dog Cafe

After a good post-typhoon run in the UminoKoen (Seapark) dogruns and a long-lead splash in the sea, I drove over to Konandai, wet shoes and trousers and all, to try out a new dog cafe, Ange.

Very nice arrangement, with two good parking berths behind the cafe, a spacious verandah area with flowers and trees to sit in the sunshine with the sandy dogs, and delicious food.
 They very kindly brought a bowl of water for the doggies, but there are no doggie treats or menu per se, so the dogs were a little bit nonplussed...not to worry, very simple delicious food, so it was okay to share some tidbits with the dogs...the lunch set was 1000yen with side salad and desert, quite reasonable.  I really wanted to taste their chick-pea soup, but I was disappointed to find it was sold out: to my surprise and delight, they brought me a tiny bowl on the house just to taste...delicious chickpea bean stew with chopped fresh coriander herbs! A must next time, if I can drag myself away from the tomato spaghetti... 

The pretty salad had a very unique mayonnaise and egg dressing, so I was able to share some leaves with the dogs. The spaghetti was divine, simplicity at its best, with sparse but inspired use of chunks of fresh garlic and basil leaves. The dogs had a feast with the slurpies, and when I mentioned I could do with a little less salt in the meal, they were so kind as to say they would be happy to oblige the next time I came.
 Good exercise, good food, and now we're back home ready for an afternoon nap...

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