Saturday, October 18, 2014

Rescue Anniversary

Today is Luna's rescue anniversary: according to her papers from the Chiba pound, she was brought in on the 18th October last year, and vaccinated three days later.   I notice because when we first took her to the vet and he took an ultrasound of her innards, he didn't have much hope. No invasive surgery, no spaying, just let her enjoy the time she has, he said. So really It's a bit of a miracle she's survived so far, a whole year of her luminosity: she's enjoying the ride and making sure we are enjoying it with her all the way. No wonder she's my first foster failure :P  Three cheers for this little bundle of happy lunar energy, bounding through life with great gusto and intensity, never a moment of hesitation. She might be a wee bit bony and knobbly, not putting on much meat, but she sure is a neat package of muscle and charm. Chiaro di Luna! We love you, sweetie.
Luna's miracle is a huge collaboration of setter-loving and dog-loving rescue groups and individuals. Valencia's Mum, CACI Gundog Rescue and CEO Rie Kaneko, thank you for saving her a year ago...and a huge huge thank you to all my friends, FB and blog followers and CACI setter-family who saved her again in the summer when she was lost in Nasu. This girl is a succession of miracles, and you all made it happen! Thank you!

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