Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Talia Cosmetics

 I'm very fortunate to be able to try out Talia Cosmetics through a setter friend: imagine my delight when after only three days using the Talia Age Defying Restoring Night Cream my face feels wonderful, my skin is really feeling smoother and more relaxed, and a friend even mentioned the difference on my morning walk. I'm also using the multi-mineral toner Nobu is holding, you can really feel the way your skin laps up the minerals and goodness when you spray it on. 
For a while in my forties I used Chanel/ Dior, but the price in Japan is prohibitive and it seems kind of chemical...at 52, I've been trying out alternatives, I was using Shiseido Benefique and Kanebo Evita which do okay, but don't give me confidence and make my skin feel healthy and beautiful long term. I don't seem to do well either with L`Occitaine and even Neal's Yard, while I love the smell, really doesn't suit my skin...so I'm so happy to have found a skincare line that really makes my skin feel good.
 I particularly like the fact that the Talia night cream, which Claire is holding, has lots of natural oils along with the Dead Sea essence, among others there's Jojoba Seed, Cocoa Seed, Sesame, Grape seed, Sweet almond in the mix, all the kind of oils guaranteed to make your skin feel good, plus Geraniiol and Citronellol, it's going in the natural herb ingredients direction I'm aiming for.
 Talia really does help reduce the wrinkles! Wow! This is something else. If I'm feeling this good after only three days, I'm really looking forward to the long term. My aim is to be able to just forget about my face after the morning toner and moisturizer, based on confidence with the way my skin looks: I never use foundations and powders unless I'm dancing, although I confess I love playing around with eye shadow.

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  1. I am glad that you like Talia Skincare products. And also, I am glad that you already got the point why Talia Skincare works! Yes, as you wrote it is the effects of botanical extracts. Night Cream is containing the advanced anti-aging bio-complex which combats 3 main skincare concerns: skin pigmentation, deep wrinkles & oxidative stress.
    Also containing Grape Seed Oil: Grapes have powerful anti-oxidant and anti-ageing properties, highly used for mature and damaged skins.
    And containing Cocoa Butter: Astonishing nourishing, anti-dehydrating and anti-ageing properties. This natural moisturizer softens the skin thanks to its incredibly high content of vitamin E and Omega 6 & 9.
    These Talia's secrets brings your skin to be kept hydrated and smooth.