Saturday, October 25, 2014

 Autumn is coming on apace, and we've had such a dull week of rain, quite unusual for this time of year. Yesterday was a fine day, but with the yearend dance party coming up I left the dogs at home and went of to practice my moves, so the dogs are quite frustrated with just half hour walks morning and evening. Fortunately this weekend they get a good long walk in the morning courtesy of the other parent.

I introduced my three big rescue babies as I spoke with our local MP about making a local dogrun, even if only for a couple of hours in the morning. So much space in parks is locked up for baseball, they could let dog owners use it for an hour or two each morning no problem, I'm sure, as long as everyone minds to pick up poop. We'll see, he has a knack of getting things done to keep his local constituents happy. I advised him not to call it dog run, but pet owner communication space, that way no one can complain we're spending tax money on mere dogs (although they happily spend tax money on killing them, which I think should be paid for out of the owner's pocket-microchip them all, we'd know who's abandoning their dogs!)

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