Saturday, December 13, 2014

Age-defying Family

 Mummy and Nobunaga are getting older: Nobu arrived at our home December 9th 2011, and in three years has gained 5 or 6 kilos and matured into a wonderful regal setter. He was always incredibly intelligent and warm, and that hasn't changed. Happy birthday sweetie! Mummy at 52 is seeing signs of age on her neck, which is why I am really happy with Talia skincare age defying advanced serum. I use their facewash and mineral toner, and their eye serum is fantastic for tired eyes, but this main face serum is working wonders on my neck. I mean it's really making a difference. It's great to just smooth it in and know I can just walk out the door and my skin will be great all day long. Plus if the dogs lick my face, which they sometimes do, there's nothing chemical in there to upset their tummies...It's also PETA certified cruelty free, so they do not harm or test on animals. Way to go, Talia. On sale in Japan from March 2015. Can't wait!

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