Thursday, December 11, 2014

Setter Playdate: Monet

Hi there, I'm Monet. This summer Mummy helped search for Chiaro di Luna, so we arranged a playdate to meet the little tyke. Good job, Mummy! So here I am making myself at home...forget the dogs, but they do have nice toys, I must say, and they're happy to share. A fine selection of deer and ducks... 
...but the outdoors calls after all, the real thing is better than the stuffed version...nothing like birdwatching, inside or outside!
The rain doesn't put me off, I prefer checking things out in the garden, and the early afternoon walk we had was okay although Mummy was a bit slow and definitely needed to be herded in the right direction with a steady tug...
 I definitely recommend the treats and chews, well worth a visit!
The sofa is quite the thing, great for a romp and some bounding around, I made sure I left me scents around so I come again soon...Mum, are you listening? Let's do this again soon, k?
All in all a great playdate, I reckon we can make this a regular occasion :) 
Photos by Lelantos

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