Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Bric a brac

 Stocking up on food, I was looking for a Tshirt for Luna in the wagon sale, and found 2 leftover black T-shirts in just the right size for only 200yen. Unfortunately not really Luna's color, so after decorating it seems to be just right for Claire...
 I picked up the pink crochet lace motifs in the trash (always scavenging) as someone unloaded their unwanted yarn and lace crochet hooks...I have an eagle eye where yarn is concerned, of course...handmade crochet lace, what a treasure! 
 The crochet neckband was an unused bracelet gift from a dance friend, and the fake pink pearls were in the trash hidden in among kids' discarded toys which are now the dogs' toys.
 The gold lace motifs and the plastic jewel parts are things I picked up along the way in the 100yen shop...never know when things come in useful, I'm a cross between a hamster and a magpie...
 I admit I originally intended this Tshirt for Chiaro di Luna, but it really doesn't suit her, she's much better in softer pastel colors. Meanwhile it really suits Claire, so she's getting the benefit of my being stuck indoors with this miserable cold. Sharing this image from Greenpeace...I'm not much into doing without, and I don't think I'll ever be able to not shop, but I do love all the other options inbetween!  

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