Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Hunting with English setters

 You wouldn't believe the things I find on walkies, out with my beautiful English setters...while they're hunting for pigeons, squirrels and cats, Mum has a beady eye on the street corners. You wouldn't believe the number of beautiful things the Japanese just throw out: the carpet scavenged a while back (easily washed and perfect for when Claire gets a weak bladder); the Yamaha western guitar, beautiful wood and looking all the better for polishing with lemon oil and some new strings in the offing;
 the embroidery books, inspiration galore to inspire me to knit, crochet, or even embroider, the color combinations to be explored in kimono and fashion co-ordinates;  the lego set, all washed and clean ready for grandkids, very fiddly putting it all together but thankfully the manual was included...
 this beautiful cream hand-knit mohair lace shawl, so soft and fine and warm and perfect on kimono coats, to mention just a few this past month or so;

Oh and of course there's my gorgeous, sensitive, loving, intelligent, delightful dogs themselves, some fool didn't wonder I'm feeling blessed. Have setter, will scavenge!  

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