Monday, January 4, 2016

See no evil

Back to work today, and it's a busy day for me...I have to shampoo Claire, who refused yesterday, so I was able to spend a good long time really lathering up Nobunaga. I also have a truckload of student papers to grade for various courses, not my usual style, I'm normally on top of things right away, but last year was impossible...First pro-dance practice of the year today too, although carrying Cato yesterday I was getting twinges in my right knee which didn't subside all the way home. I wanted to visit friends, but wasn't sure I could walk the distance, so just headed back for the warmth of the kitchen where I sit this morning too. I'm hoping this was a one-day thing yesterday, I'll see during walkies...
 Nobunaga on walks is less interested in birds and more interested in cats, although he'll find a pigeon or two if Claire misses it. Claire is better at finding things up above, she knows birds fly into trees and watches the sky...see no evil, look up to the sky, and catch that cat!
 Back home Nobu is a smoochy darling, particularly handsome out of the shower with clean ears and sparkling fur...
 I guess I'm just in love with the setter breed, I don't get all gooey with tiny dogs: Nobunaga's size is perfect, round about 25kg, such gorgeous curls and that wonderful speckled fur, expressive eyes and such a gentle demeanor...and when they get all dozey and dopey, simply adorable.

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