Friday, January 29, 2016


Making decisions in life is not always easy, and I'm continually looking for signposts serendipitously pointing out the right way. Getting older, and I've been teaching at Sophia for a dozen years now, although the freedom there allows me to be rich and creative with the materials and Economics is not as boring as it's made out to be. Talking about signposts, this woody one is pointing to the Noh theater just down the road. The dogs are not pleased, why have you tied us up just when we got to the park, hey Mum, this is no fun...
There are a lot of really boring metallic signs in the park, which are really not worth taking a picture of unless you're some kind of photographic genius with a lot of visual flair. I avoided those, and found this cute no campfire in the park sign...since it's up in the woody area with scents of squirrels and grouse, my babies are much less miffed at being tied to a post.
This one has sprung up on the newly paved path round the rim of the park which is often used for walking and jogging, and it's ever so funny...people wear headphones and are in their own world, or codgy seniors who feel they own the place and have no need to give way for dogs or others. A sign of the times?

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