Sunday, January 3, 2016

Old paths for new year

Just enjoying the quiet time this year, the peaceful atmosphere, the wonderful weather, the lazy time. I feel most out of touch with Japan at this time of year, everyone is out first-footing and praying at the shrine, eating sumptuous food, wearing their Sunday best and shopping for New Year bargains, having a ball, and I hole up with the dogs, stuck in PJs all day except for walkies...
 Claire was particularly on the go though, running around after squirrels and birds so much her legs cramped up on the way home! She was so jittery it was hard to get pictures, even with multiple shots.
 The russets and muted winter tones were glorious and soothing, the air crisp but not freezing, almost no need for hats or coats, particularly running around after a setter.
Back home it's straight for the sofa, and no way am I going to get up again to go in the shower...

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