Thursday, June 16, 2016

K-9 Vocalization

Dogs, like humans, speak...Nobunaga rarely makes use of his warm bark except when urging friends or Mummy to play. He delights in the more subtle communication of exhaled breaths and sighs, and we play a wee quiet game together matching up "huh" and "whooo" in turn, much like short bursts in free jazz.
Sherlock uses vocalizations freely, mainly a rather high-pitched strident bark which rips through the air like a whiplash out of the blue and maims your brain. 
" Dr. Karen Overall of the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine's behavior clinic said the single biggest underappreciated part of dog behavior is that much of what dogs do is about soliciting information. They want confirmation of what is happening or want to test a hypothesis. Barking is a means of doing that." [In Jennifer Arnold 2011 Through a Dog's Eyes p.108]
I wonder just what hypothesis Sherlock is it my turn for supper yet?It's got to be my turn, I've waited and waited, I'm so hungry, I CAN'T WAIT OH GOD I CAN'T WAIT IT'S SUPPERTIME ISN'T IT I KNOW IT IS OMG OMG AWESOME....  ...I think you mean walkies, do you mean walkies, if you mean walkies I will be just so overjoyed, I really think you mean walkies, YES, this has got to be WALKIES I CAN'T HOLD IT IN I THINK WALKIES IS HAPPENING OH GOD WALKIES!...Mum there's someone in the house they're walking outside the room, I think it's an intruder I'm so busy listening I'm pretty sure it's an intruder MUM THERE IS SOMEONE IN THE HOUSE BY THE DOOR (it's just daddy going to the toilet, come on sweetie, bedtime now, settle down) GOOD THING YOU'RE AWAKE MUM THIS IS AN INTRUDER I SENSE, LET ME TELL YOU THERE IS SOMEONE IN THE HOOOOOUUUUUUSE>>>>>
If we don't get the communication flowing in more peaceful ways soon I shall go mad with sleep deprivation and deaf with bark-desensitization...I need to find a local trainer to just work on simple obedience tasks and deepen our flow, soothe and calm, breathe, relax, trust and wait...

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