Saturday, June 4, 2016

Moko's Warm Welcome

There's one friend's house that Claire will always stop by on walks, climbing up the steps onto the porch and insisting on lingering by the front door: she adores the dogs and their family, the first friends she warmed up to after coming to Yokohama, wagging her tail and dancing in delight whenever we meet. Today we were lucky, the whole family was home, the door was open, and we were able to stop for a leisurely chat and snuggle in the warm evening sunshine.
Nobu is more about down than sit, and enjoyed saying hello to his wee pal Moko, another rescue. Truly dogs are like their owners, when Moko was first rescued, he was quite a snappy ditzy wee dog, but now he is ever so centered and friendly.
Sherlock had a big smile on his face, and we were able to give him lots of attention so he didn't bark impatiently demanding we move on home.
I'm sure next time he'll remember the spot and be just as eager as Claire to stop and make sure just in case the family might be home before walking on by.
Meanwhile Nobunaga was stretched out on the tarmac playing dead, so when we finally reluctantly got on up to walk home we had to play recall games to get him motivated: moving on ahead five or six metres, turning, crouching down with a big smile and calling "Nobu, here!" 
"Really," he says, "we can't just stay?" He's looking ever so gorgeous after his summer cut from Inuya. Believe me, I wouldn't mind staying on the porch forever too...
Photos courtesy of Jakob

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