Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Sherlock Pupdate

Sherlock is making great progress. Touch wood, for a couple of days now no peewees in the house. He likes to pee on the stoop rather than on trees in the garden, which is still not ideal, but at least it's outside.
The barking while I make the food bowls is almost under control until the final stage where he has to wait for me to feed Claire and Nobu...he goes to his cage and barks furiously while waiting. It's okay if there's someone there to help, then we can make it a bark free experience, but how often is that? Everyone is busy...

On the other hand, he was barking most of the time I was shopping in the store, which is kind of a regression, and barking madly when I go to the front door and get ready for walkies, all the while I put the leash on the three dogs, and then in front of the gate waiting for me to lock the door. Nobu, Claire and me hate the noise, and ride it out in pained disgust...I want to hold Sherlock gently which keeps him calm, but need both hands to set up the other dogs, and when I place my foot on his spine instead, neither Nobu nor Claire come within reach when I call so I can get on with things, they dislike the barking close up. They hover around just out of reach. The minute he has no physical touch anchor, he's a dervish. Just hoping the neighbors, who know the situation, have a couple more months patience, this may take a while. It kind of feels like one step forward three steps back with the barking...

While Sherlock was twitching as he fell asleep, I was holding his little head, and realized his whole brain and skull were twitching as he fell asleep, like a great twitching waves expanding through his, that wee guy is working hard to adapt and learn. 

My session with Doggy Culture expert setter trainer was cancelled for a while, maybe in the autumn...which puts me back to square one with getting trusted and expert help for this barking thing...Dodo-sensei, beam me down some angel light from heaven here, this must the biggest hurdle I've had to face adopting dogs so far...
Photos by KyouSK

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