Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Black Lab Company

Went shopping behind Hodogaya station for doggie training goods: I bought our training whistle there but never actually went. It's on a one way street and you have to curve through the station and along the tracks in a wee one way street to double back and park in very narrow parking lot. Worth the effort though!
The Black Lab Company have a wide selection of original goods and foods, plus it's okay to bring three setters to the doggie cafe, they said: just call in advance so we can make you extra space to settle in. Their spaghetti style lunches are in the region of $12. 
I was eagerly telling them about CACI Gundog Rescue and the fifteen pointers who need rescuing, hoping they would print a flyer for the cafe...hope they do! My purchases on the counter are the original training treat pouches, not available online: I did have one from my late trainer, Dodo-sensei, but I can't find it anywhere. I went for army style to match my army-style water and poopie waist pouch which I scavenged from the Japanese trash. I also bought a pink clicker to match my pink water bowl: here goes! I'm preparing to go for an orientation session come Thursday with Kurusu-sensei at Doggy Culture . It's a long drive over to Chiba, but I'm sure it'll be worth it...let's hope the advent of the rainy season doesn't put it on hold though...

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