Sunday, August 14, 2011

Afternoon tea with Mariko, Caesar and Dior

I had a fun afternoon chatting with Mariko, who helped me find my first English setter, Sofie, and supported me with love, sound advice and gifts of dog food as I struggled with her failing health. Today i had some time to introduce Claire, and encourage her to make friends with Caesar and Dior, Mariko's two beautiful Afghan hounds.
Claire was happy to meet them one at a time: Caesar is calm and quite the gentleman.
She got a little scared when there were two of them, and moved to the window, but I'm sure she'll soon gain confidence and we can share walkies, or maybe go to the dog run together in future. Mariko showered us with gifts of Godiva chocolates for Mum, and Italian Forza Deer and Potato dog food for Claire- munching happily as i write. Thank you, Mariko!
She also gave me an interesting little book of "The dog's ten commandments", which CACI gundog rescue had also printed in Claire's folder, so I'm going to read quietly this evening.

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