Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Comments, yippee

Thank you Rodney. I tried to comment back, like on Facebook, and found i am not authorized to comment back! I need to make a google account. Weird! My blog and all...
At any rate unfortunately a microchip is not a GPS tracking device: it tells a hand held chip reader the information on the registered owner. The owner can then be contacted and the dog returned to its home address. So the dangers of lethal injection by the authorities are lessened, but the trauma of getting lost and not finding your way home are still on the cards. I'm keeping her on the leash for the time being.
Apparently in the states Gundog owners who go hunting free with their dogs in the wilds do use GPS tracking collars, and make sure the batteries are fully charged, because the collar is only good for the life of the battery. I checked up some sites, and they seem fearfully expensive, so perhaps in some years they will be smart, small, neat and standard collar gear the way cell phones are now here in Japan.
I took Claire to Kuraki park yesterday and she went WILD. In and out of the underbrush, the lead got all tangled up and i had to crawl (yes, crawl, in and under bamboo shoots and logs and all, snagging my hair and my jeans and god knows) just to get her back into the open. She went into a solid point over a cat hiding under a bush, electric from head to tail, and then went for the cat, hell for leather, and i got so tired trying to hold her, rein her in, calm her down and get her senses back, not to mention begin to move away from the spot. It's also so painful for her neck when she strains so hard against the leash, and hard on me holding her steady. I was exhausted. Cats in the kitchen and cats in the woods are two different kettle of fish...She gets completely oblivious to commands, like a berserker...I was reading in "The other end of the leash" to sit down and stroke her chest with long easy downward strokes to calm her pounding heart, to breathe out slowly and say eeeeaaaaassssyyyy, so i was trying it out, ho hum, ho hum, well, Yes, and No....

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