Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lazy days

Total diva look, black and white film star...Marlene Dietrich...while i tried to put on a brown beret cap for another pic Claire woke up from her dreamy state and wanted to play, so in order to save the cap from destruction i got out her toys. She loves the bambi...
...which seems to bring out her mother instincts, and she gets the bum in place and starts licking it...keep that little bum clean now darling, and hold still while i do it, eh?
Meanwhile a delivery van drove up our street and stopped, and Claire switched instantly to guard dog mode and barked a couple of warning woofs, before she decided A) she'd worked enough at telling me there was something up outside and B) she was finished cleaning the little critter and C) if nothing else was happening she was going to go back to snoozing in her favorite spot beside the armchair...Meanwhile I'm trying to get up the oomph to go shopping...HOT, HOT, HOT with a tinge of autumn, and lazy mellow breezes.

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