Monday, August 22, 2011

Microchip day

It's a dull rainy day, and perfect for visiting the vet: here he is, friendly and eminently competent Koyama sensei with Claire. A vet in a million. Afghan hound mama Mariko recommended him, and now I know why! As ever I am indebted to doggie friends.
Claire weighs's official! A healthy tubsy weight, and after a quick heartrate monitor and ultrasound scan her innards prove to be healthy too.
Driving to Koyama Animal Hospital in Asahi ward takes about 15minutes by car, Claire was a wee angel sitting quietly in the back stretched out on the floor.
I really trust Koyama sensei, because he immediately knew there was something wrong with Sofie, my first setter, and did ultrasounds to show me her giant kidney tumors and bladder inflammation.
This time Claire has the thumbs up healthwise, and Koyama sensei injected her microchip.
MICROCHIP! BEEP BLEEP! Never to be lost again. Hip hip HOORAY! what a beautiful doggie she is, she is.


  1. so now with satellite tracking the dog can go out and play with the cat??

  2. ..and has thus now been given a cats life?