Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bird dog

At the top of the park there's an open woody area where the pigeons poddle, and Claire goes into hunting mode, very slowly tracking the bird and setting. I've started to read up on gun dog skills so that i can appreciate what she's trying to do, and react nad praise her the way she expects (not that I'll be buying a shotgun any time soon!)

Times like this she's so focused, she's oblivious to other dogs, and won't accept treats. I need to work on improving our partnership skills so I'm part of the hunting/working picture for her too, so that she will respond to my commands and come on call.
After the intense concentration, she likes to flop on the leaves in a different woody area, and I was massaging her lower back to ease her and get the energy up to walk home. Birrrrd dog!

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