Friday, April 6, 2012

Gale force winds

 In spite of the clear blue skies and gorgeous sunshine we were buffeted by gale force winds yesterday. The dogs weren't really able to concentrate on their training with all the wild spring scents, plus I admit I haven't been reinforcing training throughout the week. I decided they needed a dose of freedom, and we went out. The washing was flapping gaily in the wind, and I didn't realize just how strong the winds were until we got to the deserted dog run...the tennis ball I tossed was rolled along the grass, the birds had trouble flying, the sea was choppy, and my hair was flying all over the place getting in the way so I couldn't see the picture I was taking. Fortunately it didn't stop the dogs having fun. Claire prefers to have the run to herself, rimming the fence happily, whereas if there are other dogs she sits down and sticks close to me or hides somewhere, but equally since Nobu has arrived she feels she needs to set an example, so she roves all over the run, and even teases him with a ball, so he goes wild chasing her.

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