Sunday, April 22, 2012

Higashiogijima Dogrun

Yokohama dog runs leave so much to be desired, I find myself driving on the expressway to neighboring Kawasaki to enjoy the dogrun in the park. There's also a beach and Claire likes to swim after the waterfowl too, and then dry off in the dog run again.  Planes and boats go steaming by along with many kinds of birds, so both dogs really make full use of the run, getting good healthy exercise and mental stimulus, while I get to rest my weary bones on the bench.
Claire arrived from the CACI gundog rescue shelter a full eight months ago now, and her coat has improved incredibly, her tail is soft and silky and flowing. She has very fine downy hair, and it looks great in the wind. She's got a matronly air of satisfaction and confidence, a happy, beautiful English setter.
Meanwhile Nobu loves to play, lolloping round the dogrun, barking furiously, rolling in the grass and generally catching up on his lost childhood, nurturing the inner puppy. He's such a warm softie, gets me all mellow and protective. He's at his happiest playing with other friends, here with a friendly Saluki.

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