Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Rabies Shots

Both dogs had their rabies shots at the local community hall today. After our usual morning walk we got collared up, and I took with me the 2 postcards each (4 in all) informing us of the time and place for the shots and rabies tag, plus the dogs' green envelopes with their registration number which remains the same for as long as they live. When we got there about fifteen or so dogs and their owners were waiting in line for things to start at ten, and we waited in line chatting to black lab Honey and her owner who we often see on morning walks. In no time a lady came by with jags stuffed in her pocket, and she asked me to hold the dog still so they couldn't see the shot...but with two on the leash, it was a bit tricky...she jabbed the needle in in no time, grabbing the dogs by the scruff of the neck, one two, in and out, and we were free to move on to pay our 7000yen at the booth. I was surprised it all went so smoothly and painlessly, over in a twinkling and the dogs were no bother whatsoever. Nobu enjoyed saying hello to friends as an added bonus.
Since it was all over so quickly I decided to pop down to Kamiooka on an errand, and to walk down with the dogs. We've been down once before, and they enjoyed the walk, although when we got to the crowded areas with cars coming I had to keep my eyes and ears open to heel the dogs and make sure they were safe (not all roads here have pavements for pedestrians). I tied them up outside the store right beside the big main road on the other side of the fence, and kept popping out to check up on their "Wait", with tidbits to encourage them. I must have been in and out about four times in all , so it was really good training for waiting patiently in crowds and with noisy traffic close by. They were great.
In the early afternoon we then went to the local store for some groceries, and the dogs waited outside again...only this time I sat with them and took this snapshot. 13705 steps today and they're still on the go - where do they get the energy from?

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