Sunday, November 2, 2014

Kimono Party

 I've just got home from my kimono party and I'm happy to see in the mirror that with my new Talia daycream, I still look young and refreshed even after a long day. This stuff is truly magic. Luna has been off color and showing nesting behavior, digging into beds and sofa and doggie beds to make a comfortable deep nest, restlessly moving from room to room, her vulva is all swollen and she's a bit unsteady on her feet, so it's good to see she's able to go for an evening walkie (she wasn't able this morning, so Nobu and Claire had Kuraki park all to themselves.) I took Luna to the vet, and his face lost all color as he looked at the ultrasound, she'll no longer be with you in spring, he said, it's a miracle she's even eating...but with us she is, and I'm happy for it. A wee peek at today's chrysanthemum komon with an obi gifted from a friend who's passed on...nice to feel they could join the party in this way.

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