Saturday, November 1, 2014

Talia Skincare Our Pick

Setter Dad is delighted with Talia Cleansing Gel, and loves washing his face with it in the morning. Up til now he's been using soap, so he really appreciates the smooth feel from the seaweed and the tang from the sea salt. Plus, he used it again immediately the next morning, ignoring the soap still on the sink, so he obviously prefers it. Talia products have no plastic microbeads so it's environmentally friendly too :) 
Spraying on the toner afterward feels great, and it really works to make your complexion clearer and brighter. I love the green upbeat color of this Heaven's Dew line and the simple packaging, easy for a man to take to hot springs or sauna public baths and not be embarrassed using it. This is a great unisex product!

Now Mum, she is just blown away by the Heaven's Dew Age-defying eye serum...I've been so tired lately with dark shadows under my eyes, and when I wake up and look at my face in the mirror, unlike looking at my beatiful doggies, it has been rather dispiriting...just applying the serum after washing my face with the gel, doing the toner, and then gently applying the serum, it was like magic! The dark shadows and puffiness disappeared. I'm giggling with delight here as I'm doing it again this morning just to make sure it was true! Yes, no puffiness, shadows receded!!!WOW! This has got to be the product of a lifetime! 
Finishing up with face serum and day cream, I looked so sweet and creamy for the first time in ages yesterday, just like Chiaro di Luna :) I put on my pink Dior eye cream and felt like a lace and cream angel. It's so hard going out walking the dogs, hours in the sun and elements, really stresses the skin, but now thanks to Talia products, I'm feeling so happy. This is an incredible natural skincare line. Friends, take note, it's going to be launched in Japan January 2015, going to be a hit!

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