Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Retail Therapy

Had the great fortune to find a Rachel Ge Paris Fall/Winter 2011/12 collection lamb scarf for a mere 2000yen at the recycle store. To tell you the truth when I bought it I had no idea who Rachel Ge was, I just fell in love with it...it sure looks great on Claire and Nobunaga, although Mummy will be the primary wearer...so, who wears it best, Nobu, or Claire?

 "The luxurious lamb pull-through scarf in ombre shades" is photo-featured in Shine Sparkle Smile blogpost talking about the collection: 
 The blogger says "Rachel joined her four-generation family business and has been designing fur accessories and leather handbags for twenty-six years. Her pieces are coveted by many of the most well-dressed women in Europe and can be paired with anything from cashmere to denim. "  It is gratifying to know I have excellent fashion sense without knowing a thing about designers. I feel like I'm partnering with Nobunaga wearing it, ombre shades are so his colors...I feel so blessed with my sweet setters at my side. 

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