Thursday, November 27, 2014

Okamura Tenjin

Praying that the newly abandoned setters this year find a good home, and for the new CACI Gundog Rescue shelter to be a success, a warm and safe haven for these beautiful dogs as they are vetted, trained and rehabilitated.
CACI were renting to house pointers and setters pulled from kill pounds in the Chiba and Ibaragi area, vet them and train them while finding them good foster homes. The old apartment is being torn down as the building was structurally damaged in the big Tohoku earthquake, and so they had to move: no mean feat in the metropolis, finding a place willing to rent to a doggie rescue. 
The miraculous find of a new shelter (had to be in the same Minamigyotoku station area as local volunteers walk the dogs morning and evening) meant that everyone chipped in to renovate and refurbish. Thanks to a huge carpentry effort by CACI volunteers and thanks to donations from people like you, oh gentle reader. 
 I just heard on FB this morning that our prayers are being answered, and some wonderful foster homes have been found to love and care for some recently abandoned setters. There have been so many abandoned recently, the rescue has been overloaded, so the foster parents have stepped up to help save lives straight from the pound. Even with medical issues, these dogs make the most wonderful loving, intelligent and fun companions...Our Claire and Nobunaga are the picture of health, but wee Chiaro di Luna came to us in the worst condition. She is the cutest little button of a girl, so proud and happy to be home, giving us mountains of joy and love for however long she may be with us. Way to go CACI! And of course, if you are thinking of getting a loving doggie companion, adopt and save a life: I guarantee you won't regret it!
Photos by Lelantos

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