Monday, May 9, 2016

Dandy Nobunaga

Things have been so busy lately with Sherlock, I haven't been posting the pics from our holiday at Pension Olive in Nasu. Here is Nobunaga having fun in the beatiful dog run.
Meanwhile back here it was a busy day at my wonderful vet, Koyama sensei. So much to be done: Sherlock got his rabies shot (just over a month since he had his vaccinations) and a microchip implant. It takes about a month for the microchip to register and send a confirmation postcard.
Then I had to buy the heartworm meds for the three furbabies: we tested Sherlock a while back and he's on the meds already, but Nobu and Claire needed a bloodtest and weight check for the meds.
Both are thankfully clear of heartworm, so it's regular meds through summer at the end of the month until November. Then finally we set a date for the big C, which Koyama-sensei says should be sooner than later in light of the marking...
So it's happening next week, I'll be driving Sherlock over for 1145 and then picking him up around 1500 so he doesn't have to spend any time in a cage, he barks so fearfully with anxiety. Once all that's done, things will surely settle down! Nobunaga got over it all so well, don't worry, he says! All will be well!
Photos by Lelantos

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