Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Family Jewels

The final hurdle when adopting a dog from the pound: first there's deworming, then innoculations, flea and tick removal, followed by rabies shots, tax and registration, microchipping, and finally, desexing.
This requires full anaesthesia, a great strain on the system: no food after 2100hours, and no water after 2400 in preparation for early afternoon next day. A shot of antibiotics, and then another, woozy sleepy fuzzy wuzzy time as the cut is performed and the cherries culled...as body functions slowly recover in the wake up after the operation, thirst and hunger are slaked in small steps so as not to overburden the system, and peewees in the garden help clean out the medication...the family jewels are gone, and the family has a new jewel for life.

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