Sunday, May 8, 2016

English Setter Lady Claire

My fondest memories of nearest and dearest are happy smiles that light up when they are in free flow, most authentically themselves, enjoying those what tend to be stolen moments only mothers know how to appreciate, rays of pure sunshine between the hustle and bustle and caring of the day to day.
I feel blessed as a mother myself, surrounded by those things that thrill me to the core, my kids and grandkids and furbabies, my ballroom dancing and long walks in the park, my kimonos and Licca dolls and knitting. 
I hope that when I'm gone I have built many images of happiness in my children’s memory. 
Claire is always a sweet motherly presence beside me, sometimes dry and gently disapproving, sometimes nudging me on, sometimes an inspiration of beauty, ever a rock solid warm loving lady.
....such a photogenic beauty, so thankful for her beside me today, reminding me of all the mothering and love I have received from the angels in my life. Happy Mother's Day!
Photos by Lelantos

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